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Jagadish Chinthala

Jagadish's Cylindrical sculptures are about the everyday.
Inspired by folk techniques,They are build about ordinary
people and western culture in the early 90's and it is
revealed in his portraits 'American Friends'

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The mask attests to the human presence, but it also
marks the presence of power that trans-human,weather
divine,ancestral or animal,it may be vestige of the figure
purely formal terms, but its function escapes its
description.As primal device, it is an entity complete
and self-sufficient in itself, a vehicle of presence it is
autonomous of the body.

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Sculptures of Wild Animals

With attention to detail that pulls people in. They
capture the allure of simple living of small towns
and villages.

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The iconic bottle shape of ABSOLUT has inspired many artists.
Jagadish Chinthala has also been inspired by it and has created
a piece of art for ABSOLUT.

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Mobile Applications

Catch the latest from Jagadish Chinthala through his Mobile App's,
Now available in all the major app stores

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